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Wei Liucheng: Hainan can no longer caught in the quagmire of the real estate bubble

    With the recent "State Council on the promotion of international tourism in Hainan Island, construction and development of a number of opinions" the official release, Hainan Island, the building of international tourism worldwide attention, with the attendant has also brought soaring prices in Hainan, which has induced the people of Hainan Real Estate the development of a variety of questions and speculation. Although the present situation will not occur again 1992,1993 Hainan's real estate bubble years, but this phenomenon has aroused the vigilance of the Hainan provincial government.

    The implementation of international tourist island construction is the national strategy, the purpose is to expand China's opening up, in order to better protect the ecological environment of Hainan, in order to Strong Island people rich. This can not be vague. Faced with this situation, the provincial party committee, the provincial government's attitude is: adhere to the scientific concept of development, remain calm and mind, to ensure steady progress in building the international tourism island, healthy development, and to ensure that people in the international tourism island of the building can enjoy more of the benefits.

    First of all, Hainan province will speed up solving the housing problems of the residents, which is currently the number one project in Hainan. Through a series of measures, including speeding up the construction of low-cost housing, affordable housing, renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas, agriculture, and forestry shantytowns transformation, transformation of thatched cottages in ethnic minority areas and so on, in two to three years, the substantial increase in low-income Hainan groups, housing standards and housing standards. The city and county revenue from the land revenue payments and took out more than half of the increase of funds to address the protection of the housing problem, there is accountable to the people. International tourism through the construction of a strong impetus island to island and build better, to engage people in Hainan get rich.

    Second, the view of the current real-estate developers, Hainan waves, cover their plate reluctant sellers, sitting in the prices of non-performing momentum, we first have to do a good job the real estate development plans, act strictly according to plan; second is to control the amount of good for the land; third, To control the real estate development and construction of a good rhythm and progress can not be indiscriminate investments in controlling the rhythm of real estate on the basis of improving quality; The fourth is to conduct government regulation of real estate developers, so as to maintain an orderly and healthy development of .

    Here I emphasize again: the developer to stir things up cover their plate reluctant sellers, and other issues to cause a high degree of attention to cities and counties in Hainan. Wrong in the development of symptoms, when the county government has the responsibility to municipalities for local developers to reprimand conversations, and even can take the economic and administrative measures to regulate. City and county officials should recognize that land prices are higher, the higher prices is not a good thing, will eventually be passed on to consumers, to mess it is a bubble. Hainan can no longer be caught in this quagmire and could not take the path of the.

    Hainan Provincial Party Secretary Wei Liucheng recent five-sixth plenary session of the Hainan Provincial Committee, said.

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