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 2010 Haikou Golf & Tourism Forum
New perspective, New Progress and New measure of Hainan International Tourism Island
    On 19th of April, a panel with the theme of “Financial Crisis and International Tourism” was held in Boao Forum for Asia 2009,which was the first time in the Forum’s history. The panel has aroused a wide interest in the topic of the Hainan International Tourism Island and caused concern and expectations from Asia and the rest of the world.
    From different angles, the leaders and guest speakers from the World Tourism Organization, China National Tourism Administration, the Japan and Thailand Tourism Agency, Chairman of the Board of CITS Group Corporation probed into the issues of potential opportunities and channels of cooperation for tourism industry during the financial crisis, Chen Cheng, the vice-governor of Hainan province, made a speech focusing on the Hainan International Tourism Island, which has drawn a wide attention from the press and the attendants.
    As a strategic measure for“expanding the opening policy”, the scheme of building Hainan into an International Island was proposed on the fifth session of CPC Hainan Committee in April 2007 aiming at internationalizing tourism industry in Hainan; transforming service trade into a leading industry in the economy development of Hainan and building Hainan into an International Tourism Island .The past two years has witnessed great progress.

     New Perspective: Building Hainan into an International Tourism Island –an Upgrade of the Development Strategy

    The proposal of building Hainan into an International  Tourism Island not only benefited Hainan for being granted more favorable opening policies, but also enhanced the upgrade of development strategy. It also provided Hainan with an golden opportunities to implement the scientific outlook on development; change the mode of development; play a maximum advantage of the ecological environment; transform the abundant resources and industrial advantages into competitive advantages and build Hainan into a peaceful world-class international tourist destination of high degree of internationalization, beautiful ecological environment, unique cultural charm and social civilization. The provincial government has spared no efforts to build high quality holiday resorts and create a competitive international brand for participating in the world tourism market competition. Therefore, the scheme of Hainan International Tourism Island is a provincial as well as a national development strategy.  

    New Progress: Promotion of the Construction of Hainan International Tourism Island
    The Hainan provincial government issued the “Seheme for the Hainan International Tourism Island ” in April 2008 and the “Suggestions on Accelerating the Construction of the International Tourism Island ”in September 2008. The “Outline of the Plan for Hainan International Tourism Island ”  compiled end of 2008 set up a guideline for the strategies, goals and proper steps of the scheme.
    Great progress has been made in promotion of the internationalization of the tourism elements, the standardization of the signs in scenic spots, traveling e-guides and information systems and the improvement of tourist facilities and tourism personnel. To speed up the building of the international seaside tourism resorts, high level and large-scale tourism projects are under way In Haitang Bay of Sanya, Qingshui Bay of Lingshui, Shenzhou peninsula of Wanning, Tongguling of Wenchang and Longmu Bay of Ledong. Researches have been conducted on island tourism industry in developed countries to seek for the successful experiences and to advance the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island.

    New Measure: an Exploratory and Experimental Approach
    In accordance with the requirements of the State Council, Hainan provincial government has given full play to the advantages of Special Economic Zone and conducted experimental reform in opening policies, tourism industry and its institutional mechanisms. Hainan Provincial Development Committee is to be set up to make over-all planning and supervise the development of tourism industry. In the light of the international practice, tourist professional associations will undertake the responsibilities for the management of tourism and service trade. Successful experiences from the world’s leading island-tour destinations and developed countries have been adopted. With the support of the central government and related departments, more favorable opening policies in terms of entry visa and duty-free shops will be put into effect. An “Overall Plan for Hainan International Tourism Island ” and a series of tourist programs are being drafted. The Provincial People’s Congress is now in the process of formulating relevant laws. The improvement of the tourist facilities and environment has been made to promote the development of the tourism industry in Hainan.

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