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 2010 Haikou Golf & Tourism Forum
Basics of Hainan Tourism Industry Hainan Provincial Tourism Administration of China
Hainan Island----International Toutism Island
    Great changes have taken place in Hainan since it was approved the special economic zone 20 years ago. Today Hainan is undergoing a new round of opening to the outside world at a wider scale, more extensive range and higher level. Construction of Hainan International Tourism Island is to make itself a world-class tropical island leisure destination with international standard service, soundly sustainable eco-environment, distinctive island features, high security and wide popularity among worldwide visitors.
    Being the only tropical island-based province of China, Hainan features all-summer-like climate with average yearly temperature of 23.8℃. Hainan is the second largest island of China, continent area of which is 35,000 Sq. km, covering over 2 million Sq. km of marine space. The population of Hainan is 8.6 million. Haikou is the capital city of Hainan. Hainan is an ecological island, the first of its kind in China. Endowed with superior natural environment and exclusive tourist resources Hainan is reputed by vacationers from home and abroad in general as an island of health, ecology and holidays.
    Up to date, a complete set of holiday and reception facilities are in full service, a team of well-trained service personnel are in full readiness to guarantee a receiving capacity of 25 million person times on a year. Hainan has become a become a base of beachfront resorts including 43 five-star hotels and 65 four-star hotels including Sheraton, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Crown plaza, Sophia, Pullman and Kempinski,  etc. Today Hainan is marching towards its target of a worldly top tourist destination.
The Open and Convenient Entry Policy
    Being the biggest special economic zone of China, Hainan has been granted with the most favorable entry polices, which makes it very convenient for foreign travelers, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to come to and leave Hainan..
    Hainan enjoys “landing visa”policy. People from countries and regions which have diplomatic or official trading relations with China are entitled to “landing visa”policy upon arriving. After the visas are issued in Hainan travelers can leave China through any port of mainland China.
    Tour group comprising 5 or more people from the following 21 countries enjoys a visa free policy for a 15-day visit: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, England, France, Australia and New Zealand. The visa-free procedures can be processed through and Hainan International Travel Agency. Residents of Hong Kong and Macao can visit Hainan visa free with a Home Return permit or a Mainland Travel permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents. Taiwan residents can apply for a Single-entry Taiwan Compatriot Pass for Traveling to and from Mainland China upon arrival in Hainan.
All-Direction Transportation
    Hainan is an experimental province for the opening of the 3rd , the 4th and the 5th Aviation Rights that allow the operation of international flights to, from and via Hainan .The international flights extending to Hainan are entitled with mid-way split-ranging rights.
    Hainan can be accessed by two international airports, Haikou Meilan and Sanya Phoenix respectively. Currently, over 30 international flight courses and more than 100 domestic routes have been tapped. Cross-Qiongzhou-Strait railway and western expressway have been put into service; eastern light rail transit (LRT)is under construction; round-the-island expressway and the all-direction good-quality highways lead to all major tourist destinations and attractions. With convenient transportation and communication, visitors can enjoy a round-the-island tour through self-driving.
Beachfront Vacation, an Experience of Passion and Romance
    In Hainan Island the average seawater temperature is 26℃ throughout the seasons and a visibility up to 10 meters. With rich tourism resources, Hainan is unquestionably a paradise for vacationers and divers. Yalong Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, West Island, Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai, Haikou Holiday Beach. Lingshui Boundary Island, Xiangshui Bay etc. are all perfect locations for water amusement. Such water sports as motorboat, diving, paragliding etc. will surely light up your holidays.
Golf Fun
    Playing golf in the ever-green golf course all year round in Hainan is a pleasant experience for this island has a pleasant weather in all seasons with azure sky, fresh sea breeze and warm sunshine. International and national level golf-related events are launched every year.
On Hainan Island there are 20 international standard golf courses and a handful of driving ranges in full service. All courses characterize strong tropical island charms but each has its own distinctive features, either located on the islands, at the beachfront, in the suburbs, in mountainous regions or hot spring resorts. All courses provide serves for leisure, business, traveling and holiday.
Hot-Spring SPA for Leisure and Rejuvenation
    Hainan Island also features various hot spring resources, most of which enjoy moderate temperature ranging from 40℃ to 78℃,catering to different demands. The hotels with hot spring setups are among the best of its kind in China, spreading along the beachfront, amongst the tropical rainforest or in the downtown area.
    All hot spring spots uphold health an their dominant appeal, offering all kinds of products such as mountain hot spring, seaside hot spring, garden hot spring and hot spring Spa. Visitors are offered an array of services, like waterfall shower, muddy bath, bubble bath, massage bath, herbal bath, sentimental bath and other rejuvenating services.
The Unique and Diverse Ethnic Culture
    Hainan is the only region inhabited by the Li nationality in China. Other ethnic groups living in Hainan include the Miao nationality, the Hui nationality, etc. With its unique minority cultures, diversified festive galas are launched on Hainan Island all year round, including Wenchang Lantern Farewell Festival in lunar January, Fucheng Flower Exchanging Festival in February, Haikou Madam Xian Cultural Festival in March, Lunar March 3 Li & Miao Cultural Festival, Wanning Xinglong Carnival, Dragon Water Festival in June, Jianfeng Mountain Tropical Rainforest Festival in July, Qixian Water Spraying Festival in August, Danzhou Singing Festival in September, Nanshan Longevity Cultural Festival in October, Hainan Island Carnival, Sanya   International Wedding Festival in December. Your visiting to Hainan will be guaranteed a pleasant tour of leisure and enjoyment.
Tropical Rainforest
    Hainan Island is said to be one of the purest islands that remains unpolluted. Over 58.5% of the island area is covered by forest. The plant cover rate is 92.66, which ranks No.1 in China in terms of ecological index. All kinds of eco-tourist products, tropical rainforest ventures and forest recreational services are popular among visitors at home and abroad. The fresh air of high negative ions and the greenness that spreads in all directions are the natural gifts of Hainan.
    In the ecological Hainan, the famous four Hainan dishes namely Wenchang chicken, Jiaji duck, Hele crad and Dongshan mutton truly live up to their fames, let along the seafood supplies that will never stop luring your appetite. Wenchang chicken, seafood, fruit and melons have now found their diners beyond the country border. The local chefs can best interpret authenticity of the foodstuff and ensure you a wonderful experience to dine on this “Island of Health”.
The Luxurious Cruiser
    Hainan is an ocean-based province in the embrace of boundless waters, featuring exactly the same latitude and climate conditions as Florida, the largest cruiser destination in the world. Currently, the Sanya-based 100000-ton-capacity cruiser wharf has cone into operation. In 2008, Hainan ranked No. 1 in receiving the Luxurious cruisers in China. Haikou and Sanya in general are now the popular cruiser holiday destinations.
Superior Location for Exhibition and Conference
    Hainan Island is a prime international platform for exhibition and conference for its favorable natural conditions attract more and more and more noted enterprises and non-governmental organizations. Exhibitions and conferences to held or attend business conference and enjoy the tailored services and pleasant environment.
    Bo’ao Forum for Asia, the most renowned of its kind in Hainan, is held annuallt. In addition, other exhibitions have helped set up a platform for mutual commodity exchanges for merchants at home and abroad, including China (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural products Winter Fair, China (Haikou) International Tourist Commodities Fair, Hainan International Automobile Fair, Hainan Real Estate Exposition, China (Sanya) International Orchid Show etc.
The Cozy Living Eden
    With its pleasant sunshine, gentle sea breeze, azure water, blue sky and elegantly stretching sandy beaches, Hainan Island is attracting more and more house buyers to come to live in Hainan and enjoy its tropical climate, beautiful island scenery and all-ceason tropical fruits.
    At present, a number of large and personalized real estate properties are under construction in the regions of the East and West coasts of Haikou, Sanya Haitang Bay National Resort District, Wenchang, Qionghai and Lingshui. Visitors are welcome to spare some time for a holiday in Haikou or Sanya and look for your second home during the tour.
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