Event Schedule:March 18th – 21st 2010
 2010 Haikou Golf & Tourism Forum
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2010 Haikou Golf & Tourism Forum

Overall Program

    The 2010 Boao International Tourism Forum, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture, the State Sports General Administration, the National Tourism Administration, the State Council Information Office, the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government will be held between the 19th and 21st of March 2010 in Sanya City, Hainan Province. Forum topics will be closely linked to the building of an international tourism island and center around "tourism, culture and industry" as well as planning for changes in tourism culture and industry in the post-worldwide economic crisis era."

    In order to enhance Hainans influence and push forward the building of an international tourism island, the forum organizers decided to establish the 2010 Haikou Golf and Tourism Forum organized by the Haikou Municipal People's Government and the Mission Hills Group.

    The Forum will focus on exploring and exchanging information on the relationship between the golf industry and the construction of an international tourism island.
In order to ensure the smooth running of the forum the following plan has been formulated.

1) Creative Guidance
    The development of an international tourism island is a large and important background step in the national tourism development strategy and the practical implementation of Premier Wen Jiabaos important instructions during his inspection tour of Hainan to "make full use of the Boao Forum for Asia brand to accelerate the building of an international tourism island and to promote sound and rapid development of Hainan. This will boost Hainan's economy and community especially in the sports, leisure, tourism and service related industries with the twin goals of fast and structured development using the "Mission Hills model" as a basis for summary and reference to achieve a high-quality, high level tourism and sports exchange platform

2. Event Objectives
    Through careful planning and organization and with support from the Boao International Tourism Forum this is an opportunity to invite numerous honored guests from home and abroad to explore future trends in the development of golf and tourism. Winning over the China Golf Association, the International Golf Federation and the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation to jointly issue the Haikou Accord (proposal), will push forward the development of golf in China and redress the imbalance in the southern-centric development of Hainan Tourism as well as comprehensively enhancing the overall image of tourism in Haikou with the Mission Hills Huoshan Yan Resort becoming a world famous golf leisure resort.

3. Event Schedule
March 18th-21st 2010

4. Event Location
Mission Hills Lavastone Resort

5. Event Content
(a) Golf and tourism themed forum
(b) Guest-celebrity golf tournament

6. Organization Framework
Management Organization
Originating Bodies: the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture, State Sports General Administration, China National Tourism Authority, Hainan Provincial Party Committee, Hainan Provincial Government, State Council Information Office, State Administration of Radio Film & Television, General Administration of Press and Publications.

Organizing Body: Hainan Provincial Government, China National Tourism Authority, State Sports General Administration, World Tourism Organization.

Implementing Body: Haikou Municipal Government, Mission Hills Group.

Working Mechanism: The Haikou Municipal Government and Mission Hills Group along with the Provincial Department of Culture, the State Committee on Media and Broadcasting and the Sports Administration Office will together set up the Golf and Tourism Forum Organizing Committee responsible for preparation and implementation of the forum.

7. Forum Plan
(1) Forum Topics
(2) Globalization of golf and the development of Hainan International Tourism Island.

Keynote Speeches:

Central theme: Globalization of golf and the development of Hainan International Tourism Island launch, topics include:

1. Golf becomes an Olympic sport: Opportunities and challenges for China.
2. Prospects for golf tourism in China
3. Development experiences of the international golf industry and Chinas development route options.
4. How vigorous growth in the golf industry can assist in promoting Hainan international tourism.
5. Building a healthy external environment for Chinas golf development.
6. The Mission Hills Model: Analysis of examples of Chinese golf development.

(2) Forum Management Model and Guest Invitations
1. Meeting Format: Recreational style
2. Guest Invitations: This forum will be the overall responsibility of the Forum Organizing Committee and the Haikou Municipal People's Government who will invite a number of influential and powerful well-known political figures, leaders of international golf and travel organizations, experts and scholars, industry leaders and golf superstars to be guests at the forum with its main theme supported by sub-forums. This large and powerful group of guests will create an influential world-class golf forum possessing a powerful image and influence. (For further details on invited guests please see below.)

(3) Itinerary Arrangements

17th March (Wednesday) Guest and delegate check in. (All day)
18th March (Thursday)
Forum Opening Ceremony
08:30-08:36   Introduction for Forum Guest
08:36-08:46  Welcoming remarks by Dr. David S.H. Chu LL.D, J.P. National Committee Member of CPPCC, Chairman of Mission Hills Group
08:40-08:56  Welcome by Mr. Chen Ci, the Hainan CPC Standing Committee Member and Haikou Municipal Party Secretary
08:56-09:06 Speech by Mr. Peter Dawson, Chief Executive of The Royal & Ancient Group
09:06-09:16  Speech by Mr. Cai Zhenhua, Vice Director of General Administration of Sport of China
09:16-09:28  Speech by Mr. Luo Baoming, Governor of Hainan Provice
09:28-09:30  Opening Announcement by Mr. Sun Jiazheng, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of CPPCC (Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference)
09:30-09:45 Refreshment Break
    Keynote Speeches:
09:45-12:00 Speech by Forum guests (five people will be invited to speak from the following list.)
Mr. Greg Norman, Chairman & CEO of Great White Shark Enterprises, continuously ranked as the number one Australian golf star for a period of 331 weeks
Mr Peter Walton, Chief Executive of IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators)
Mr. Peter Dawson, Chief Executive of The Royal & Ancient Group
Mr. Yuan Weimin, Chairman of Chinese Golf Association
Mr. Zhang Lianwei, well known Chinese golf professional
    Forum Interchange
14:30-17:40 One or Two moderator (Pan Yu & Yan Ming) and five Forum guests will take part in an interactive discussion with:
He Ping-Famous film director
Li Ning-Olympic champion
Chen Daoming-Famous movie star
Zeng Yani-Well known Golf professional
Xie Dongna-Famous World Model
    Release of the Haikou Accord
17:40-18:00 Mr. Xu Tangxian, Mayor of Haikou will issue the document Boao International Tourism Forum (Haikou) Golf and Tourism Development Accord.
    Haikou Municipal Government Banquet
18:30-21:00 Banquet, literature and art exhibition.
19th March (Friday) Celebrity-guest golf pair competition (All day, please refer to the appendix for further details.)
20th March (Saturday)
Some guests will attend the Forum whilst others will continue with golf.
21st March (Sunday) Guest departure
 (4) Forum achievements
1. Publicity for the development strategy of Hainan International Tourism Island and related policies.
2. In depth explanation of the issues affecting construction of a golf industry and an international tourism island.
3. Release of the Haikou Accord, a document detailing the collaborative campaign to develop the global golf industry.
4. With regard to Forum topics, a complete written and visual record of the golf competition and opening ceremony as well as publication of the forum proceedings, a TV documentary and commemorative photo album.
8. Preparation stages
(1) 1st November-20th December 2009, formulation of the complete forum plan. Prepare reference documentation for the Forum strategic plan and initial plan, work out the fine details of the golf forum; specifically with regard to guest reception, find sponsors, organize security, news coverage and so on.
 (2) 25th December-31st December 2009, establish organizing committee and commence operations, internal meetings, discuss the forum format, decide specific plans for each department, Prepare separate countdown flow charts, organize specialized resources, allocate office space in the Haikou Municipal Government building and implement the tasks of each stage on schedule.

(3) Before 31st December 2009, finalize the invitation list for the forum. Discuss and decide the range of guests and the planned invitation list, begin initial communications.

(4) 1st January-31st January 2010, receive feedback regarding the guest invitation list and revise accordingly.

(5) 1st February-28th February 2010, carry out early stage preparatory work. All media coverage in place, relevant reception requirements in place, preparatory work in each appropriate department under way.

(6) 18th March-21st March 2010, conference implementation.

(7) 21st March-31st March 2010, carry out concluding activities.

9, Media Publicity
In order to enhance the themes of the golf and tourism forum and make an impact in domestic and international circles, the focus will be on CCTV coverage and overseas promotion, emphasizing the use of mainstream media reports to reinforce television coverage via the Internet, print and other media thus providing three-dimensional coverage.

CCTV will be invited to provide coverage with their focus on reporting news of the forum, Satellite travel TV arrangements will include news coverage and exclusive interviews on specific topics as well as invitations to a few families to enjoy an international reputation and influence the foreign media. The People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Xinhua News Agency, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, China International radio stations, CNS and other central media will be invited along with China Tourism News, China Sports Daily and other important industry media, important tourism, finance and economics journals and professional golf magazines, the provincial Hainan Daily newspaper, Hainan radio and television, the news website hinews.cn and other major media including Sohu, Tencent, Sina and other major domestic web sites and global luxury sites, The China Youth Sports website, 21CN.COM as well as some other well-known professional golf websites. 

The Forum will be divided into start, warm-up and culmination phases to promote and spread information in order to extend publicity. During the start and warm-up stages, On an average of once every 10 days an individual highlight of the Forum will be the focus of activity. During the culmination stage,  key areas will have intensive television coverage by global media, broadcast media, print and online media.
In addition to regular news media, public relations will also be used at home and abroad to promote special topics via live broadcasts of high-end interviews, outdoor advertising, network interaction and other means to create sustained interest in highlights of the forum, expand momentum, and strive to create a collection of print, radio, television, Internet, outdoor media with all round three-dimensional coverage, so that the Golf and Tourism Forum becomes the focus of wide attention.

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